Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon Latest News

Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon has remodeled the existing space, secured permits to expand by another 1219 square feet, and added a robot to deliver food to the tables.

O’FALLON, MO (OrderMyFood) Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon has served the community for more than ten years.

To celebrate their success, they have remodeled and will be expanding to increase capacity by another 1219 square feet, which will seat another 30 to 40 customers.  They expect to open the new expanded space in January 2023.

Additionally, they have leased a robot from Bear Robotics in California that delivers food to the table to reduce the need for additional staffing, which is not an easy task after the pandemic lockdown.  The lease was initiated through St. Charles Restaurant Equipment, a Bear Robotics reseller.

There are four Thai Kitchen locations across the St. Louis region, with negotiations in process for the Hampton Avenu area near The Hill.

Thai Kitchen locations in the St. Louis region:

All locations have high online customer reviews with online ordering.  Additionally, new locations are being sought daily.