Most Authentic Mexican Cuisine in St. Louis Region

The most authentic Mexican cuisine in the St. Louis region is Tradicional 314 and Tradicional 636.

ST. LOUIS, MO (OrderMyFood): We have found the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the St. Louis Metropolitan region.  The burritos are not filled with hamburger meat but with thinly sliced pieces of steak seasoned with, I don’t know what, but they are amazing.

There are two restaurants:

  1. Tradicional 636 – St. Charles, MO – ORDER ONLINE
  2. Tradicional 314 – Creve Coeur, MO – ORDER ONLINE

Most of the local Mexican restaurants are slightly Americanized, but not these two establishments.  Both have the same owner, and he takes pride in his restaurants and cuisine.  It shows!

The St. Charles location has a large percentage of Mexican customers, which tells us that they also love their Mexican cuisine.

While both have the same owner, each restaurant has slightly different menus and pricing.

They recently added online ordering with eOrderSTL, a St. Louis Restaurant Review Service, and will soon add DoorDash, GrubHub, and ezCater for maximum online presence.