Thai Mama Opens with 5 Star Reviews

Thai Mama in Maryland Heights, MO, has opened with stunning customer reviews – 78 5-star reviews.

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (OrderMyFood) For months, the Maryland Heights community has been waiting for the opening of Thai Mama.  It finally happened two weeks ago, and the customers have been very kind in welcoming the new restaurant.

As of today, Thai Mama has received 78 reviews, all with 5-star ratings and kind comments.

The owner, Sasimonthon Ongartsutthikul, couldn’t be more pleased and proud of the community’s reception.  She opened her first restaurant here in 1999, and it remains in business today as Thai Kitchen.

She owns five Thai Kitchen locations, all named Thai Kitchen, except the new Maryland Heights location, which is called Thai Mama, to avoid confusing the public.  The existing Thai Kitchen in Maryland Heights is no longer affiliated with Ongartsutthikul.

The locations are:

Additionally, she recently opened Sasi Wholesale, which sells bulk Thai food to the food service industry, and Sasi Thai Market, a food market selling stuff to the public on a retail basis.

We will continue to monitor this location and check on the progress of their excellent online reviews.