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Thai Mama is a Thai restaurant in Maryland Heights, MO, opening on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

Thai Mama is a new restaurant in Maryland Heights, Missouri, offering authentic Thai cuisine.  The owner, Sasimonthon Ongartutthikul, is a Thai migrant who moved here in 1995 with nothing more than a desire to survive and succeed and a skill for cooking.

Today, she owns five Thai restaurants, a Thai market, and a wholesale business.

The existing Thai restaurant chain is known as Thai Kitchen, with locations in the following communities:

Although the new location does not have online reviews yet, we expect similar ratings to those of the Thai Kitchen chain because although the name might be new, the menu and service will be the same.

Why is a successful chain using a different name to open a new location?

Ongartsutthikul is using a different name because there is a Thai Kitchen in Maryland Heights that she started in 1999 but later sold to her sister, which she sold.

However, she lives in Maryland Heights and wants to return her menu to the community.  The new name was a solution to prevent confusion.

Address and phone:

1932 McKelvey Rd
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
Phone: +1 314-548-6151
Website: ThaiMamaSTL