OrderMyFood SEO Practices to Improve with use of PBN

OrderMyFood.net has increased its SEO efforts to generate organic traffic to our site to get more customer orders.

ST LOUIS, MO (OrderMyFood) Our publisher, WebTech Group, has increased its SEO efforts for this site and other sites they manage for other businesses.

Their focus will be organic traffic through strategic SEO practices using blog sites and backlinks to enhance the quality of the content and share with social media.

WebTech Group recently announced that they had launched their PBN and plans to expand it to include additional sites.  The parent site used to inform and market the PBN will be at USPBN.Blog.

Our objective for this approach is for our restaurant listings to appear at the top of any and all search results relating to food, order online, or specific restaurants.

Efforts shall begin immediately and continue on an ongoing basis.  We will keep you posted.