Dao Tien Express Opens in Florissant, MO

Dao Tien Express opens in Florissant, Missouri, and serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the community.

FLORISSANT, MO (OrderMyFood) Dao Tien Express is a Vietnamese restaurant that opened its doors in Florissant, Missouri, serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

In an article published by St. Louis Restaurant Review, it is the second location for the owner, with the first location known as Dao Tien Bistro in downtown St. Louis.

According to an STL.News article: they are launching their online ordering platforms, including eOrderSTL, an online ordering and delivery dispatch system to fulfill online orders.

We work in cooperation with St. Louis Restaurant Review.  Therefore, if they have eOrderSTL, we will feature them on OrderMyFood.com.

Vietnamese restaurants are among the most popular ethnic restaurants in the industry.  The owner of Dao Tien Express and Dao Tien Bistro is a Vietnamese immigrant who has operated successfully for several years and has been blessed with a 4.7 Star rating by Google for the Dao Tien Bistro location.